Are you feeling worried and stressed about pregnancy, childbirth or postpartum as a first-time mom?  

Are you wondering how to go from being overwhelmed to an overcomer in your journey to motherhood? 

Do you wish that you could just sit back and relax and enjoy the coming arrival of your new baby that God has blessed you with? 

Are you tired of feeling discouraged wondering why you aren't enjoying your pregnancy as much as you had hoped? 

Welcome to the Christian Pregnancy Course for moms-to-be who are ready to experience the journey from pregnancy to motherhood with God being the center of it all. 

If you've been struggling to enjoy pregnancy, partner with God through your journey, or overcome stress and fear around birth, pregnancy or postpartum - this is the course for you. 

After going through this course, you will:

  • Have a biblical framework to overcome fear, worry or stress during pregnancy and postpartum

  • Connect with God on a deeper level

  • Experience more of God’s peace and joy in your pregnancy

You know your pregnancy is a precious time as God is intricately forming your baby in your womb… and you feel like the opportunity to enjoy it is slipping away…  

Instead of walking through your motherhood journey focusing on the worries and fears, you can choose to put God at the center of it all, and allow Him to lead you in this journey to motherhood.  

Instead of being confused, listening to the conflicting advice of well-meaning friends and Google, you can listen to God - the One who created your baby. 

Instead of trying to achieve peace and joy in pregnancy and motherhood by following the ways of the world, you can find true peace by knowing Jesus, our Prince of Peace more deeply. 

Your pregnancy and postpartum can feel like the blessing it is!

Spiritual Growth, & Biblical Foundations to THRIVE Through Pregnancy 

Inside this course, you will learn the six step framework  to overcome stress and fear, and THRIVE through pregnancy: 

 Module 1:  Truth of God’s Word 

Discover the truth from scripture, and understand how to apply it to your pregnancy to motherhood journey! 

✓ Module 2: Hearing God’s Voice  

Learn how to hear God’s voice through the practice of journaling and grow closer to Him. Know how to lean on Him to find your strength though this journey. 

✓ Module 3: Renewing Your Mind  

Rewire your old thinking patterns by renewing your mind in God’s word. How to overcome limiting thoughts and replace lies with His truth about your pregnancy and motherhood journey! 

✓ Module 4:  In Jesus’ Name 

How to pray and use your authority as a daughter of God! Learn about the power of Jesus’ name to proclaim, declare, and decree over yourself, your pregnancy, and your baby.  

✓ Module 5: Vision

Engage the eyes of your heart for Holy Spirit to show you hidden breakthroughs. Heal wounds of the past to overcome hurdles like anxiety, fears and worries in your pregnancy so you can THRIVE. 

✓ Module 6: Even-if Faith 

How to create an unshakable foundation of faith. Even-if Faith that will withstand any obstacle. Faith that God has the best possible plan for you, your pregnancy and your baby!  

Hey Daughter of God, I’m Gladys! 

I remember when I was going through my pregnancy with my son, full of stress and fear. I was in constant anxiety because I was afraid of losing my baby. When he was born, after a traumatic childbirth, I was thrown into overwhelm and stress as a first-time mom. I had no idea how to cope with a wailing newborn and breastfeed, or navigate the never-ending conflicting advice from well-meaning family and friends. 

I spiraled deeper into postnatal blues... 

Why? Because I wasn’t putting God at the center of my motherhood journey and had tried to do it all on my own, following what I thought was right instead of CONNECTING with God, the One who made me and my baby, the One who knew exactly what we needed! I wasn’t putting God first, instead, I was putting my baby first. 

Determined to not go through this again, I sought God and applied what I heard from Him in my next pregnancy. 

Imagine if you could enjoy your pregnancy with more peace and more joy, have an enjoyable childbirth and postpartum experience... 

This isn’t just a dream, I’ve done it!

You're gonna walk away with

  • A 6-step framework of how to apply Biblical Principles and grow spiritually in your pregnancy to be able to overcome the stress, fear and anxiety

  • Lifetime access to focused training videos by Gladys Lee

  • A transformation in your relationship with God, more peace and joy!

  • A Private Facebook Community where you can receive the support you need through pregnancy and motherhood

  • And more!